Low Incidence Disabilities

write 3 paragraphs about low-incidence disabilities.


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Assistive technologies are items, equipment, or systems used to increase and improve the functional abilities of individuals with disabilities and consequently promote their wellbeing. Assistive technologies enable people with functioning difficulties and challenges to live a healthy, productive, and independent life. This allows them to actively take part in education, work, and also in their social lives. Using assistive technology reduces the need for formal health and support services for long-term care and reduces the burden on caregivers (Bouck and Long, 2021). Without assistive technology, people with disabilities are often denied a chance to lead a normal life increasing the mortality rate and disability. The assistive technology that would be beneficial is mobility products, including grab bars implemented in the staircase and places in the house. The training would include the use of the bars.

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Low Incidence Disabilities