Reports Linking Autism to Vaccination

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Second, Wakefield and colleagues performed an intestinal biopsy on children who had received the measles vaccine and those who had not in a 2002 study. The findings showed that the majority of vaccinated children had the virus in their intestinal samples, but only a small number of unprotected children did. As a result, the findings proved beyond a doubt that the measles vaccine causes autism. Once more, there are two problems with causation. First of all, this vaccine contains a live, attenuated virus, which means that it multiplies in the body of the inoculated child fifteen to twenty times after the initial vaccination. The measles virus is captured by antigen-presenting cells (APCs), which can move anywhere in the body and identify freshly imported antigens. Therefore, after immunization, it is very likely that it will be found in the intestines (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 2018; Motta & Stecula, 2021).

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Reports Linking Autism to Vaccination