Patient Care Article

Write an article in first-person of how you had an impact on patient care . (minimum of 500 words ) Im currently working for Baptist Health Hospital as registered nurse in an medsurg floor with 5 years of experience. Please write an article of act of kindness and impact of a patient history.

Requirements: 500 words or more

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As such, I drew on my knowledge about the soothing and healing properties of music and Mrs. Duvan’s love for country music to make a difference in her life via the power of music. As I sat next to Mrs. Duvan, I took out my phone and Bluetooth earpieces, gave one to her, and placed the other in my ear. Since Dolly Parton was her favorite artist, I started playing her hit songs, one after the other. Mrs. Duvan’s eyes immediately widened with delight and surprise as the songs beamed through the earpieces, moving her to tranquility. For the next twenty minutes or so, the ward’s busy and chaotic atmosphere faded into the distance, and it was just Mrs. Duvan and me, connected by the universal language of music. Unfortunately, I had to cut the music session short since I had to attend to other duties. However, after witnessing the change in Mrs. Duvan’s attitude and feelings, specifically how happy and radiant she was, I decided that I should make listening to country music and talking about it with her would become a core element of Mrs. Duvan’s healing process.

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Patient Care Article