The Empire State Building

You are to respond to a fine art and give your opinion regarding that art. It is your review of the piece of art. The end of each chapter guides you to how to respond to each form..


Drama, Music, Dance,, Architecture,. (In example, you can choose a movie and a building, a play and a dance piece, a concert and painting etc. DO NOT write a general paper on the subject of Film, Sculpture etc., You MUST write about a specific piece that you witnessed yourself under those categories – A movie, or specific sculpture at the museum etc.)

Content: Your content grade will be based chiefly on your ability to apply the vocabulary and concepts we discuss in class to the art work you respond to (that means you use the words – correctly – in the paper). You will also be graded on your analysis of the art and your ability to evaluate the art and support your judgments with quality justifications.

Format: The response must be typed and organized into paragraph form. You will be graded on how well you organize your thoughts, apply the material, and the effort shown.

You will LOSE points:

Requirements: 1 page

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The building’s endurance is approximated to last for over 7000 years. The building is fitted with steel columns and fireproof cinder concrete, the keystone to the building’s tensile strength and protection against fire. The bearing wall of the building supports over 100 stories, a record the building broke for being the first building ever to have over 100 stories.

The building is an international cultural icon, attracting millions of tourists yearly. In 2019, the building’s 89th floor was equipped with an assertory room where tourists can have a spectacular view of New York and its surrounding. Due to its fame and strategic position, over 250 television shows and films have featured the building’s unique architecture in its production.

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The Empire State Building