State political parties.

Assignment How do state and local party organizations contribute to a candidate’s campaign, and how important are these functions to candidates’ overall success?

Use standard essay format: Introduction / Body / Conclusion. Minimum word count is minimum 350 – 500 words. Majority of knowledge of topic should be from from the textbook.

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Textbook: (S) The Enduring Democracy
Kenneth J. Dautrich, David A. Yalof, Christina E. Bejarano, 2020

ISBN.13: 978-1-544-36447-6

No plagiarism, sources must be cited.

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A local party organization is responsible for all activities carried out at the local level regarding a specific political party. Local party organizations are relevant in many ways during campaigns, including recruiting candidates, planning campaigns for the candidate, and conducting various campaign activities (Dautrich, Yalof, & Bejarano, 2020). They have the most political clout as they provide a committee member in every voting district, and their contribution generates many voters. According to research, many local committee members

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