Capstone Project experience

The focus of this week is to reflect on and evaluate your Capstone Project experience and how it has helped you to become a scholar-practitioner committed to fostering positive social change. For this Discussion, you will examine your process for this course and describe your identity as a social change agent.

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I am attaching all the needed required readings that need to be used for this discussion, My capstone project is on the Extinction Burst, especially with self-injuries behaviors interventions. Please use any extra scholarly resources that are useful for this assignment, however, please make sure to cite it APA7.

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Program and Project’s contribution to my Social Change Agent Identity

A couple of project elements played a pivotal role in my transformation into a social change agent. One of these elements is the collaborative aspect of the various project assignments. Due to this element, I was able to form better relationships with my classmates, an aspect that facilitated peer learning and collaboration. This came in handy when I was trying to identify potential solutions for the social problem I identified. The ethical component of the assignments also helped ensure that my proposed solution promotes the good and welfare of other people.

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Capstone Project experience