Computer forensic tools

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Case Project 14-5: Forensic Tools
•Search the Internet for websites that advertise computer forensic tools. Locate reviews of four tools. Create a chart that lists the tool, the type of data it searches for, its features, the costs, etc. Which would you recommend if your company could only purchase one tool and budget were not a concern?
Case Project 14-6: Online Backup Services
•Several good online backup services can help make data backup easy for the user. Use a search engine to search for online backup service reviews and select three different services. Research these services and note their features. Create a table which lists each service and compare their features. Which would you recommend most for a company and why?
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Online Backup Services

Service Features 


§  Storage is 1TB per a year

§  Multiple drive backup: a lot of devices as well as data from external hard drives can back up into a single account.

§  Online file sync; all devices linked are synced in real time. This does not affect the backup storage limit.

§  -IDrive express service which enhances quick retrieval of data from a physical storage.

§  -End-end-encryption which makes it difficult for hackers to access it.

§  -Continuous data protection by automatically recognizing recent modifications and backing them up.

§  -Archiving; data is not deleted unless it’s done manually.

§  -Status reports; all activities, backup and sharing reports are updated each time it happens.

§  -It has a 30-day free trial period.



SpiderOak One -Storage is 5TB a year.

-Unlimited devices can use the account.

-Cross-platform which allows data to be synced across all linked devices.

-Files can be retrieved from any internet connected device.

-End-end-encrypton which protects data securely.

-It has a 21-day free period.

-Folders can be shared in web Share Rooms.


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Computer forensic tools