Film Analysis

1. Write a paper should answers the questions below.

Review Questions:

1. What is the true subject or theme of the film, and what kind of statement, if any, does the film make about the subject? Which elements and which scenes contribute most to addressing the theme of the film?

2. How do all of the separate elements of the film relate to and contribute to the theme, central purpose, or total effect?

Should answer following questions:

1.Narrative – The manner in which the story is told. What is the plot structure? Is it chronological or non-linear? Are there flashbacks or other narrative devices and why are they used?

2. Characters: Does the protagonist’s character arc as the film progresses. What events contribute to this change? What elements does the director use to illustrate the character of the protagonist?

3. Cinematography – The qualities of photography and lighting. Identify specific scenes and camera shots that you thought were particularly interesting. What feeling or mood was enhanced by camera framing and/or placement?

4. Editing – The pace and tempo, the use of transitions and the organization of the narrative. Identify any editing technique you thought was particularly interesting

5. Art Direction and Design – Locations, sets, effects, props, costumes, and make-up.

6. What scenes in the film show the director’s style and how do they show it? Give at least three examples.

7. What were your personal reactions to the film? What are your personal reasons for liking or disliking the film?

8. Through the theme of the film, try to combine it with some examples in real life to tell some problems in society.

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After leaving prison, Andy posed as the fake person whose name all the money he hid and laundered for warden Norton was deposited, took all the money, and fled to Mexico. In addition, Andy tips off law enforcement personnel to warden Norton’s illegal business ventures (Darabont, 1994). However, before the police officers arrest warden Norton, he shoots himself. Forty years pass, and Red finally manages to get released on Parole. After his release, Red visited the place in Buxton Andy had informed him about. After Red dug up under the oak tree, he discovered a box will money and a letter from Andy informing him to come to Zihuatanejo (Darabont, 1994). Red followed the directive, and he reunited with his friend Andy in Zihuatanejo.

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Film Analysis