Roles of school support staff

The roles of school support staff are highly diverse. As a result, the levels of education and expertise can vary significantly among support staff. Is it reasonable and appropriate for school leaders to engage in collaborative leadership with all support staff? Why or why not?


How powerful are support staff in projecting an image of the school to the community? Does this level of power change depending on whether the image being projected is positive or negative? Support your view.

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School support staffs are very powerful in projecting the reputation of the school to members of society. In most schools, principals, deans, and teachers are leaders who are known to the community. It is because they make decisions in schools and communicate their plans to the community (Dunk-West, 2018). However, without support staff, school leaders cannot effectively create a positive school reputation. School leaders might be at the forefront in ensuring that they make effective decisions. But, only the support staff can persuade people about the school’s positive image. Parents prefer schools that guarantee the safety of their children. They want a school where there are enough security, social work, and healthcare personnel (Dos Santos, 2020). Therefore, school leaders cannot convince parents that the school is safe for their children without showing that they work with support staff.

Persuasion is a powerful strategy to draw people’s attention. However, it can explain a positive or negative message to the community. When it comes to public persuasion, only the positive influence attracts the people while the negative influence discourages them. Therefore, a school must have a positive image for it to grow and have many followers. As a result, I can say that the power of support staff changes depending on whether the projected image is positive or negative. When the projected image is positive, the school is easily accepted in the community (Dos Santos, 2020). Hence, support staffs are more likely to consult school leaders in order to maintain a good reputation. For example, school leaders can consult school counselors when developing school policy against bullying.

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Roles of school support staff