American Airlines Flight 587

1.Give a brief description of the accident, to include the probable cause(s) as identified by the

NTSB accident report and any post accident information provided by the FAA. Several high

profile accidents are provided in Chapter 1 of the text book.

2.Identify at least two themes or topics throughout the textbookthat are somehow related to an

accident of your choice. The associated accident must be related to an air carrier (Part 121, 125,

or 135).Explain how those topics/themes were associated with the accident, citing both the page number in the textbook

as well as the source of accident information (such as FAA or NTSB).

3.As a conclusion to the paper, describe what you learned from your textbook reading, as well as

potential actions related to the two themes/topics that were associated with your accident

Requirements: 5 content + a title and a reference pages = 7 pages total…that is the link for the book… it is all on chapter 1 + I already chose the accident of American airlines flight 587

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After the accident, as per its mandate, the National Transportation and Safety Board (NTSB) commenced an investigation to ascertain the possible causes of the crash involving American Airlines Flight 587. According to the NTSB, the high-level stress placed on the plane’s rudder, due to the first officer’s “unnecessary and excessive” rudder inputs, rather than the wake turbulence, led to the crash (Young et al., 2005). Prior to taking off at John F. Kennedy International Airport, a Japan Airlines Boeing 747 took off on the same runway as Flight 587, and as such, flew into the plane’s wake, which then created a section of turbulent air. Upon noticing this, the first officer tried to stabilize the plane to keep it upright by inputting a couple of aggressive rudder inputs.

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American Airlines Flight 587