Community health nurse

Consider yourself a community health nurse.

10.Mention research studies that support any of the above (1 through 9) (mention at least 3 research studies in the paper).

Requirements: minimum of 3 pages – maximum of 6 pages

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To manage and prevent Obesity, advocacy is essential at the policy level in the US. However, in the community-based and health care setting, community health nurses are better positioned to advocate for families, communities, and individuals in implementing evidence-based activities that aim to minimize excessive weight gain and Obesity. Furthermore, the community health nurse can advocate at schools, public policy levels, and the local community. Moreover, the nurse identifies the attitude and the main concerns of the American population towards Obesity. The nurses conduct a comprehensive study on the incidences of Obesity, causes, and the health care cost of Obesity in the US. The other key role of nurses is providing related information about obesity management to individuals (Cominato et al., 2018). Lastly, the nurses are excellent in teaching young people about physical exercise and nutrition as techniques to keep the body fit.

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Community health nurse