Community health nurse

Consider yourself a community health nurse.

  • Is obesity a major health issue in the United States?
  • According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NCHS, CDC; BRFSS, 2012), how is obesity defined?
  • What is your role as a community nurse?
  • What risk factors should be explored for Maria’s family for cardiovascular disease? Mention social determinants of health in this case. Incorporate the concepts of health promotion and risk reduction.
  • Would you apply any of the behavioral change models to address health promotion and risk reduction in this case (theoretical frameworks of behavioral change / models discussed on Chapter 5 of textbook). Describe your selection.
  • Public health nurses use statistics to demonstrate the need for obesity program development and community interventions. According to the most recent CDC data: What data were identified about obesity in children and adults?
  • Is there a necessity of planning a community nursing intervention? How will you do that? Will you work alone or in collaboration / teamwork? Will you look for funding? How?
  • If you decide to do a community intervention. How would you evaluate the community-level intervention(s)?
  • Will you use social marketing to change health behaviors or beliefs, social or cultural norms, or community standards to improve health or benefit society. Which resources will you use?

10.Mention research studies that support any of the above (1 through 9) (mention at least 3 research studies in the paper).

Requirements: minimum of 3 pages – maximum of 6 pages

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Maria’s father is suffering from cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Her mother is overweight and high blood levels. Diabetes and high blood pressure are classified as some of the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. These risk factors can be categorized into two parts. Firstly, it is about the major risk factors. They consist of smoking, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, Obesity and overweight, and hypertension (Cominato et al., 2018). Secondly, it is a contributing factor. They include alcohol, sex hormones, and stress.  Conversely, social determinants of health mainly affect people suffering from cardiovascular disease. They include culture, availability of resources to meet daily needs,

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Community health nurse