Challenging Aspects of Planning

What do you anticipate will be the most challenging aspects of planning and successfully completing your thesis project and how do you plan to overcome these challenges? Additionally, was there anything particular that you learned from the Wilmington University Library presentation that you found to be extremely helpful?

Library presentation link below:;!!KS48G3QhWYC8InY!8cjS-gtgbxsqstcxAswURNM6qNTFn-aEpq-UCsFGDBOfZhRKrgVNf4QdP0nDkX3HuKTdSQ$

okay, please review the presentation and keep in mind that whatever is presented in the presentation is what we need to work on all our papers. Thanks

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I am considering using different measures to overcome these challenges to complete the project on time and effectively. It will involve combining different tools and instruments to complete the project on time without compromising the quality (James, & Slater, 2013). Having appropriate tools to format and reference the thesis in APA 7 will save time and effort. There is no need to technically write references when there are many tools to automatically generate the sources. To find the correct content, I will need to use different databases to find scholarly sources. EBSCO, Google Scholar, Sage, and ProQuest dissertations are among the databases that will provide the necessary articles to complete the thesis.

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Challenging Aspects of Planning