Webb’s Depth of Knowledge.

As stated in the Syllabus, educators typically use Bloom’s Taxonomy for instruction.

A new tool has become widely used in many school districts across the country: Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK).

In the modules, you will find the DOK Wheel and DOK Questions. Use the handouts for reference as you design assessments for your students.

For your Discussion 1 submission, research online to find DOK references that you would recommend to classmates. Include a URL for at least two in your post.

Requirements: 2 paragraphs

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The Common Core Institute (CCI) recognizes the DOK as a resourceful framework while integrated into the Common Core State Standards required when developing curricula (Hess, 2013). According to CCI, relying on the standards alone cannot effectively enhance rigor in the classroom setting (Hess, 2013). However, practical tools such as the DOK helps the instructors to design criteria that promote a systematic analysis of the aligned standards and tests in standardized evaluations. When assessing History and Social Studies learners, level one of the DOK tool encourages them to recall, identify, or locate basic details, facts, or events. The question, “Can you recall the US presidents in their order,” can apply to History. In the process, the instructor can determine if the learners can retrieve information from their long-term memory through recall.

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