This learning activity aims for a full understanding and unbiased view of the family—not just its problems, but also its strengths, values, and goals.

Understanding family structure and style is essential to caring for a family in the community setting. Conducting a family interview and needs assessment gathers information to identify strengths, as well as potential barriers to health. This information ultimately helps develop family-centered strategies for support and guidance.

This is a family health assessment .

  1. Select a family, other than your own, and seek permission from the family to conduct an interview. Utilize the interview questions complied in your interview questionnaire to conduct a family-focused functional assessment.
  2. Document the responses as you conduct the interview. Do not put the family’s name, but utilize initials, the gender of each family member, and their age.

Your paper must include the following:

  • Describe the family structure. Include individuals and any relevant attributes defining the family composition, race/ethnicity, social class, spirituality, and environment.
  • Summarize the overall health behaviors of the family. Describe the current health of the family.
  • Based on your findings, describe at least two of the functional health pattern strengths noted in the findings.
  • Discuss three areas in which health problems or barriers to health were identified?
  • Your assignment must include an eco-map and a genogram – as shown in the required textbook.

Submission Instructions:

  • The paper is to be clear and concise and students will lose points for improper grammar, punctuation and misspelling.
  • The paper is to be 850-1000 words in length, excluding the title, abstract and references page.
  • Incorporate a minimum of 3 current (published within the last five years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions) within your work. Journal articles and books should be referenced according to APA style
  • Your paper should be formatted per APA and references should be current (published within last five years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions)

Requirements: as instructed

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The family is not without blemishes and for all their efforts, some areas need improvement. First, coping and stress tolerance are things they need to engage in more actively. Given that both parents are working, at times, they are too busy to engage each other and their children on daily challenges and how best to cope (Kelliher,  Richardson, & Boiarintseva, 2019).

Societal influence is another issue that may create health barriers. Despite the parents’ efforts, one must admit that the children spend most of their time with fellow learners and teachers. In the external world, they interact with people engaging in harmful behaviors such as binge eating or even the use of recreational drugs. Considering that a parent can only do so much to shield their child from negative externalities, bad role models in society create a cause for concern.

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