Healthcare Multidisciplinary Teams

Journal Article: Healthcare Multidisciplinary Teams: The Sociotechnical Approach for an Integrated System-wide Perspective

Read the assigned article and write a two page reflection paper using 1 additional source for reference to support response. See attachment for article. APA format no older than 5 years

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Therefore, I feel that the professionals and even the health organization’s leaders should promote open engagement to understand and learn from colleagues on achieving the set goals. This can only happen if the teams involved can freely interact to identify solutions leading to long-term healthcare outcomes. As Rosen et al. (2018) emphasize, a multidisciplinary approach in healthcare delivery needs more than idea sharing or evaluation of roles that employees should play. Instead, this should focus more on promoting team effectiveness in areas like diagnosing and treatment planning.

In conclusion, there is an essential lesson from Marsilio et al.’s (2017) on the importance of working towards achieving quality healthcare through teams. As much as having the credentials to deliver health care is crucial, lacking the skills to collaborate with other professionals is a setback among social workers. According to Rosen et al.

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Healthcare Multidisciplinary Teams