Rhythm and sound

Read: https://medium.com/s/story/do-not-accept-nan-check-a2b31e5a41ae

Must be: Times New Roman, 12-font, double-spaced, two and a half pages

Thoughtfully interact with the piece and Point Of Views (POV):

  • Why were the specific Point Of Views chosen for the piece and how do the POVs work?
  • what would happen if the piece used a different POV?
  • how would that change the reading experience
  • how does that POV affect your opinions about what the stories are doing, what their arguments are, and why they exist?
  • Utilize beauty and clarity:
  • Beauty: technical aspects of the piece (powerful and effective word choice and rhythm and sound and imagery and other literary techniques)
  • clarity: interpretation of what is being said, what you think different moments in the poem are trying to say, and what you are getting out of the work
  • Then mention ways you can imagine yourself utilizing some of the ideas/techniques/strategies that you just discussed for your own work.

Requirements: 2 and a half pages

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The author uses imagery to help readers visualize his experiences during specific times. An example is a vivid description provided to explain his father and his stay with his father. He narrates the diet, clothing (tight, short shorts), practices, rules, and emotions to help the reader comprehend the unpleasantness he felt. He also uses powerful, compelling words to describe situations and places. ‘we both knew, you needed not to lose more than I needed to win’ (Laymon, 2018). These descriptions increase the intensity of the story for the reader.

I understood several things from the reading. Among them was the struggle of the African American to change to earn respect from society. According to Laymon (2018), using ‘nan’

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Rhythm and sound