Curriculum development

As school districts across the nation address societal demands and legislative mandates to prepare a workforce for the 2lst century, school leaders find themselves working to change curriculum within their schools. To achieve this challenging, sometimes controversial task of curriculum alignment and revision, school leaders must work with diverse constituencies to achieve the best balance of needs, desires, appropriate assessment, and instruction.Achieving effective curriculum revision, therefore, requires a thorough understanding of the processes and principles of the changing paradigms affecting curriculum development.

Curriculum development is viewed as occurring on a variety of levels beginning with the classroom and moving through a spectrum to include national and international sectors. Each level in ascending order exercises authority over preceding levels. Sectors are distinguished from levels because sectors have no or limited power over the five levels. Forces outside of schools also influence curriculum decision making.


Identify & describe a curriculum revision that has taken place in your organization/school/district in the last 5 years. Based on your readings regarding the curriculum change process, address the following questions in your discussion.

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One of the major factors that had the most significant impact on the program’s success is the five-step process of placing and identifying EL students. The process aimed to identify and place EL students in the right language program to provide them with quality and equitable education. Secondly, the program had a grading system that enabled the school and teachers to monitor the success of EL students. Thirdly, the program was also designed to identify EL students with special gifts and talents and provide the right guidance and mentorship. The district’s human resource office ensured that the right teachers with adequate qualifications were hired to implement and monitor the program.

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Curriculum development