Analysis and Interpretation of Data Sets

Consider the open datasets at HERE (Links to an external site.)…

Pick three different data sets in the areas of

  • Health
  • Environment
  • Agriculture

And analyze the data sets in detail. Having done that explains the information that can be derived from the data set of focus. Submit your project as a report that spans 1200-1500 words plus images for each area. APA FORMAT IS A MUST!!!!

Requirements: 1200-1500 words

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Data Set Two: Global Forest Area as Percentage of Land Area

            According to data from the World Bank, global forest cover in 1990 was 31.625% of the global land area. In 1995, the figures stood at 31.457%, in 2000 it was 31.171%, in 2005 it stood at 30.996%, in 2005 it was 30.27%, and in 2015, the global forest area was 30.716% of the global land area (World Bank, n.d.). From these figures, a pattern is evident, whereby the global forest area has consistently shrunk over the years. The main reason for this might be the rapid development and expansion taking place in society coupled with the high population growth in many countries. Courtesy of this, a lot of pressure gets exerted on the existing resources, forcing

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Analysis and Interpretation of Data Sets