Nursing practice setting

Share an example from your nursing practice setting (digestive Health, GI, colorectal and hepatology) of how a decision was made to change a procedure or practice. What steps were used in the decision-making process? What evidence was considered for decision-making? Was the change effective? Provide rationale

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Once the resistance is addressed, the new procedure is placed under clinical trial for three months. The results were recorded and presented to the management of the institution for assessment. Once the management proves that the proposed change is more effective than the one currently implemented, it will adopt the change as the new practice. After that, the concerned medical practitioners will the taken through the new practice frequently so that the same can become a culture in the institution. In my current institution, the nurses proposed a change in the dialysis procedure. In the past, the institution adopted Peritoneal Dialysis, which some medical practitioners did not approve of. A team of nurses proposed a change to Hemodialysis treatment. The change underwent all the processes of decision making, and the institution finally adopted it. The new procedure has been quite effective in reducing emergency medical issues that arise during dialysis.

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Nursing practice setting