Introduction to Court Security

Introduction to Court Security U2

In this assignment, you will complete a threat assessment and recommendation. Consider the following scenario. The judge in the courtroom has stated that he does not want any defendants restrained while in his court. During a routine court proceeding for arraignment, the following occurred. View the video Man Tries to Grab Gun in Lincoln County Courtroom, which is also included in your Required Unit Resources.

What are your recommendations to the judge going forward in better protecting himself, court officials, defendants, and the public at large? Using proper APA Style, write an overview that is a minimum of two pages of your findings, opportunities, and recommendation for improved controls of the courtroom.

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Courts are important symbols of freedom in the United States of America. They hold special reverence in the eyes of the citizens because they avail people an opportunity to undergo a fair trial. In addition to allowing accused persons ample time to defend themselves, the courts seek to ensure that people’s human rights are respected even as they go through various stages of the litigation process. While the necessity of safeguarding the rights of accused persons is a recurrent conversation in the corridors of justice, one essential subject that gains less attention is court security. In the context of this paper, court security refers to a raft of measures and arrangements that have been put in place to ensure the safety of all parties and people present in court. The paper evaluates the concept of security in the context of a 2018 court incident where a man attempted to grab a gun from a policeman sitting nearby. This paper asserts that security is a product of structural planning and the institution of security arrangements through security personnel to complement the physical structure of the court.(777 words)