Climate Change

The essay should include Climate Change:

1- Definition

2- Causes

3- Scientific evidence

4- impacts

5- Adaptation

6- Mitigation

* Notes:- DON’T put introduction or conclusuon

– Plagiarism is to be avoided.

– Pay attention to grammar.

– Use credible sources

you are encouraged to use the following sources:………

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For a long time, the greenhouse effect helped warm up the planet, in the process making it hospitable for human and plant life. However, the industrial revolution changed all this. Ever since it happened, people are releasing more and more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, an aspect that leads to the gasses trapping and redirecting even more heat to the surface. Besides the burning of fossil fuels, human beings also contribute to the increased greenhouse gas presence in numerous other ways (You Matter, 2020). Trees are very important regulators of the earth’s climate. They not only absorb but also store carbon dioxide released into the earth’s atmosphere. As such, when human beings cut down trees to build things or create space for construction, they are interfering with the planet’s natural mechanism of regulating carbon dioxide levels. This allows the gas to build up much faster within the atmosphere, considering there are no trees to absorb the gas. Some agricultural practices also contribute to the increased presence of greenhouse gases (You Matter, 2020).

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Climate change