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Select one (or more) of the Federal issues in which the American Diabetes Association (ADA) is asking you to act upon. https://www.diabetes.org/advocacy/take-action

Participate in the selected issue by sending a letter. Enter your letter in the format provided in the ADA website. When you personalize your response, use the knowledge that you have acquired in this course to frame it as a health disparity issue using the concepts you have learned in the readings.

It is good idea if you identify yourself as a pharmacist in training and provide your clinical knowledge. You can state your institutional affiliation (NSU) or your affiliation with any other group that seems related to your argument. If applicable, share any personal experience with diabetes. Try to be passionate, assertive and professional in your arguments.

You will receive confirmation from the ADA and/or from your elected officials.

Upload an integrated PDF or Word document with the confirmation of your submission, a copy of your letter, a brief reflection of what you thought of this assignment (Required).


As you can see on the document, it has several parts.

Part 1 is a discussion about reading .

Part 2, when you access the website and select the federal issue, you’re going to see that the letter is pre-built there, you just have to work on the PERSONALIZE YOUR MESSAGE section of the letter.

Also, this part requires a brief reflection on the thoughts on this assignment.

In summary, there’s 3 things to work on:

  1. The discussion
  2. The letter
  3. The brief reflection

when you click on the link I provided you, it takes you to the American diabetes association website, then you click on the ACT NOW bottom and the letter should be there on the right side. Part of the letter is done (pre-built), you just have to work on the PERSONALIZE YOUR MESSAGE section of the letter. Once everything is done I will personally submit it.

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