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You are a consultant hired to provide guidance for a family-owned small sized accounting and financial consulting service business with their employees based in Vancouver, B.C.  The organization earns revenue through providing a range of accounting and consulting services to customers British Columbia.  The organization structure is hierarchical in nature. The CEO makes all the major decisions but looks to the staff for their buy-in and recommendations.

Although very successful in delivering the service to clients, much of the work is done using little digital technology.  For example, accounting is very much paper based with rooms full of boxes of invoices and other accounting documents.

The CEO of the company has heard about the digital transformation and wonders what that would look like for the company.  Unfortunately, the CEO knows little to nothing about what digital transformation means.  If the CEO likes the idea, you might get hired to create a plan and execute a digital transformation for the business.

Part 1:

The first part of the assignment is to write a paper that explains the concept of digital transformation to the company CEO.  The paper will do a deep exploration and provide the CEO with a broad view of digital transformation and explains how your consulting team might be able to help with the transformation.  Your paper should be geared towards convincing the CEO to accept your proposal of creating a digital transformation across the business.

Given the limited information, create a list of assumptions about the business.

Your assumptions can be in regard to the number of employees, various employee positions, current issues, work processes, inefficiencies, corporate culture, and any other factors you might choose.

The paper will contain the following:

  • APA 7th Edition Title Page
  • Introduction
  • Explain all the assumptions that you are using for this paper.
  • Explain the concept of digital transformation.
  • Explain the difference between digital transformation and business transformation.
  • Explain the tangible and intangible value digital transformation brings to the company.
  • Explain the risks digital transformation brings to the company.
  • Explain the impact of digital transformation on organizational culture.Which organizational cultures might work best for digital transformation?
  • Using Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard (four key areas), identify what might be the challenges for each area.For each challenge identified, what might be the mitigation?
  • Using the TAM or UTAUT model identify the challenges that the company might encounter with staff and digital transformation.
  • Pick any organization and provide an example of a department that went through digital transformation and how it benefited that organization.
  • As the consultant, what would be the recommendation or recommendations as the starting point for this company’s digital transformation?
  • Conclusion

Do not use generic definitions and statements. All your explanations and statements should address the assumptions you have made about the company. Your paper is geared towards convincing the CEO TO ACCEPT YOUR PROPOSED DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION.


  • Part 1 of this project is an individual one.
  • The project will be written in APA 7th edition format.
  • The paper must have an introduction and conclusion.Please follow best practices for introduction and conclusion.  Please review (,is%20important.%206%20State%20your%20hypothesis.%20More%20) for introduction best practices.  Please review for conclusion best practices
  • The minimum is no less than 11 pages. The maximum length is 12 pages not including the cover page and the reference page.
  • Diagram and tables in the paper are encouraged.They can be incorporated into the body of the paper.  Ensure the writing incorporates the diagram and the table. Cite them properly.
  • The paper is a research-based consulting paper.The tone and style must be appropriate.
  • Remember the purpose of the paper – You are writing it for the CEO to help understand digital transformation and the impacts and rewards of this change.Do not assume the CEO knows anything.  Do not assume that the CEO will fill in the gaps of knowledge.  Be specific and explicit in the writing.
  • A minimum of 5 academic peer reviewed, or academic industry journals, periodical sources from UCW (University Canada West) must be used.A minimum of 5 non-academic sources from industry websites, or industry experts must be used.
  • Turnitin score must be less than 5% in the body only.
  • Marks will be based on the rubrics below.
  • After finalizing this research paper, you need to create a PowerPoint for me to do a presentation based on this paper. You need to write some paragraphs of comments under each slide and write a specific script for me to interpret each slide respectively corresponding to the correct contents. A script should contain completed speech content, including the introduction, the body part, and the conclusion.



  • Turnitin is set up to allow the students to test the paper for similarity.One test per 24 hour up to due date.





Topics Comments Max. Grade
Subject Matter (55%) Subject Matter (55%)  
·        Key elements of assignments are covered

·        Content is comprehensive, accurate, persuasive

·        Displays an understanding of relevant theory

·        Major points supported by specific references

·        Research is adequate/timely and citations are academically valid.

Organization (15%) Organization (15%)  
·        The introduction provides a sufficient background on the topic and previews major points

·        Central theme/purpose is immediately clear

·        Structure is clear, logical, and easy to follow with proper headings

·        Subsequent sections develop/support the central theme

·        The conclusion follows logically from the body of the paper

Style/Mechanics (30%) Style/Mechanics (30%)


APA 7th (10%)


·        Title page is present and properly formatted – separate page

·        Reference page is present and properly formatted – separate page

·        Citations/reference page follow APA guidelines

·        Properly cites ideas from other sources

Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling (10%)


·        Grammar

·        Spelling

·        Punctuation

Readability/Style (10%)


·        Sentences are complete, clear, and concise

·        Sentences are well-constructed with consistently strong, varied structure

·        Transitions between sentences/paragraphs/sections help maintain the flow of thought

·        Words used are precise and unambiguous

·        The tone is appropriate to the audience, content, and assignment

Grade on 100 Subtotal 100


Answer preview

Another assumption is that the organization’s human resource practices and approaches will also be affected by the proposed digital transformation. Digitalizing the company’s HR will alter everything employees know about their work, including the nature of their work, career structure, knowledge, skills required to perform their job, and expectations (Verlinden, 2020). The proposed HR digital transformation will create an all-in attitude, which extends beyond automation and provides enhanced business agility, intelligent services, and skills associated with a diverse workforce (Verlinden, 2020). For this HR digital transformation to succeed, the metamorphosis must involve the entire company (Verlinden, 2020). As such, all the company’s stakeholders will require a clear goal and buy-in.

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