50 First Dates Movie Analysis

write a 5-6 page review, including a detailed and insightful discussion that includes the following: The movie chosen : 50 first dates

  1. Give the title of movie, a short summary of the movie’s plot and main characters.
  2. Provide a summary of the disorder portrayed in this film and describe the character in the movie with that disorder.
    1. Indicate which DSM criteria were and were not portrayed in the film. Were there other disorders that might be diagnosed? Which ones and why?
    2. Were any causes of the disorder suggested in the film? If so, what? If not, what do you think best explains the causes of their disorder?
    3. What types of treatment, if any, did the person in this film receive? Provide specific examples.
    4. Is this form of treatment typical? Was it effective?
    5. If they received no treatment, what do you think they would have benefited from?
  3. Analyze the portrayal of the disorder by the character in the movie.
    1. Was the disorder portrayed accurately? Explain.
    2. Were the problems portrayed by the character true to the disorder? Explain with examples from the movie.
    3. Were the reactions of the other actors to the character realistic/authentic? Provide examples.
    4. Would you recommend it to others wanting to learn about the disorder? Why/why not?
    its called 50 first dates with Adam Sandler

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Based on the film, the disorder was caused by head trauma due to the tragic accident in which Lucy was involved a year ago (Peter, 2004). That made her lose her long and short-term memory. Anterograde amnesia is caused by many reasons, such as Alzheimer’s disease, brain aneurysms, drugs and medication, head injuries such as traumatic bread injuries, and brain tumors. Memory loss is prevalent with these conditions because they affect specific areas of the brain, which makes it stop working. The disability model displayed in the film is the affirmation model of disability, described as “a non-tragic view of disability and impairment. This model is manifested since Lucy had all the physically attributed functioning, which made the neurologist believe that it would be best for Lucy to live within the hospital environment, where she could practice an art that is instrumental for her ability to live at least a high quality of life.

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50 First Dates Movie Analysis