The Crime of Rape

Discuss both videos regarding the crime of rape in Nanking and Bosnia-Herzegovina ? Do you believe these acts will continue in future conflicts? What can be done to prevent rape as an act of war? Should the international community hold national leaders responsible for the crime of rape during a conflict?The Nanjing massacre Documentary of the Rape of

Nanking (WARNING: Graphic Content )
• Frontline discusses Rape in Bosnia
Still on the Frontline – YouTube
• What led to the genocide in Rwanda
MODULE 3: Genocide and Rape as Volitions of Human Right

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The use of sexual violence as a tactic of war remains a major threat in the international community. Moreover, sexual violence is also used as a form of torture and terrorism. The trend from the Nanjing Massacre and then Bosnia-Herzegovina shows the use of rape as a war weapon is a major strategy. Recent reports on military operations in Africa, such as Ethiopia in 2020, include significant rape cases. Moreover, the limitations in the international law to defining responsibility of the crime of rape in wartime as violence against humanity increases the risks of use of these atrocities. Hence it is necessary to expand the international legal framework to define rape as a war crime. Moreover, incidences of forced impregnation are also at high risk of demoralizing war subjects.

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The Crime of Rape