Applications and Their Benefits in Educational Setting

Choose any 4 of the following applications and identify key features that can be beneficial in an educational setting. Write a one page detailed description for each identified application with ideas of classroom use. (Total 4 pages – double spaced).

Make sure you choose the free versions, DO NOT purchase any subscriptions for this assignment.

Requirements: 4 pages

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Animoto is a web-based application that allows people to create presentation video slideshows. It is accessible through URL (Waters, 2017). This application is available for free, which means that anyone can use it. On Animoto’s home page, users can create a video using the following steps. The first step is to click the button “Create” on the header part of the webpage. The button takes the user to the template’s page. The second step is to select the best template for creating a video slideshow. After selecting the template, the user can drag and drop media files, including photos, music, and video clips. Once the media files are uploaded, the user can use them to create slideshows videos. The application allows users to insert text on top of other media files. Finally, Animoto allows users to save and share exported video files.

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Applications and Their Benefits in Educational Setting