Impact of Revolution on Women

The Revolution had a positive impact on women because it ushered in improvements in female education, legal standing, and economic opportunity. Progress in these three areas gave women experience of life in the public sphere outside the home. This establ

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According to Locke and Wright, the revolution followed a decade of growing hostility between the British crown and large, influential settlers or leaders in the North American colonies (110).  Due to the growing influence of leaders in the northern colonies in America, the British crown attempted to assert greater control of the colonies’ affairs despite the agreement on avoiding strict enforcement of the strict parliamentary laws. Until 1778, the conflict between the British and colonies comprised of civil war, which later became an international war after Spain (1779) and France (1778) supported colonies against Britain (Locke, and Wright,111).  The revolution presented both short and long-term impacts on America.  Perhaps the short-term impact of the American Revolution is the destruction of property and people’s death. During the revolution, most people in the US lost their lives as they engage in combat with British soldiers. One long-term impact of the revolution brought the US’ independence as a democratic state.

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Impact of Revolution on Women