Multidimensional nursing care strategies


Identify multidimensional nursing care strategies for clients with reproductive system disorders.


You work in a gynecological office, and your office has been asked to participate in a women’s health fair. The focus of the fair is health promotion. Preventative screening for female reproductive disorders is vital to identify and treat rapidly to produce the best patient outcomes. Preventative screening includes mammogram and Pap smear and should be performed based on recommended age and associated risk factors. To promote preventative screening, your office will be creating brochures to distribute at the health fair.


Design a women’s health brochure by choosing one of the female reproductive disorders covered in this module. In the brochure, include the following:

  • Overview of the disease including disease process, signs and symptoms, and risk factors
  • Preventative screening
  • Diagnostics tests
  • Treatment
  • Multidimensional nursing care interventions

Requirements: short

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It is extremely important for women to undergo preventive screening (Ferrero, Evangelisti, & Barra, 2018). It helps them to identify the condition at an early stage, thus receiving treatment before the disease advances—some of the preventive screenings that women need to undertake to include a pap smear and mammogram.

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Multidimensional nursing care strategies