Conflict communication issues

Please write an essay that analyzes different conflict communication issues and problems in the film THE ARMOR OF LIGHT. This essay should be 6 pages. The format for these essays will be as follows:

  • Write an introduction that engages the readers, provides background information about the film, frames it as a film worthy of an analysis of conflict communication, and offers a solid thesis statement about the film’s relevance to conflict communication. This introduction should be no more than one or two paragraphs.
  • The next paragraph should summarize a specific scene in the film and a theory, concept, or idea that either explains the conflict communication issues in the scene or potentially could resolve them. One paragraph of a scene summary and 2-3 paragraphs of analysis that follow are expected.
  • The above step should be repeated at least two more times but for a different scene but with the same theory, concept, or idea.
  • Write a conclusion that re-engages readers, restates your main points, and offers some actual conclusions and recommendations for moving forward.

Requirements: 6 pages

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Rev. Rob Schenck has defied the natural constituency of becoming an of-spoken minister and supporter of gun control. The reverend has been a long-time anti-abortion advocate, and the film begins with a short clip of him leading a peaceful demonstration against abortion laws in 1992. He is also the founder of a religious outreach group in Washington known as Faith and Action, which was formed after the shootings that occurred in 2013. He formed the group after he felt that it was not possible for him and his faith to live comfortably with the increasing laws and politics advocating the ownership and use of guns. Even with this staunch belief and fight against abortion, Rev. Rob Schenck is able to find common ground to work closely and effectively with Lucia McBath. Lucia McBath believes the opposite of what the reverend does because she is a staunch pro-choice and supports abortion laws and women’s rights to have access to safe and affordable abortion services.   The two activists are moved by a recent shooting of a young African American boy, Jordan Davis, who is the son of Lucia, after a short argument with a white man.

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Conflict communication issues