Conflict communication

Please write an essay that analyzes different conflict communication issues and problems in the film THE ARMOR OF LIGHT. This essay should be 6 pages. The format for these essays will be as follows:

  • Write an introduction that engages the readers, provides background information about the film, frames it as a film worthy of an analysis of conflict communication, and offers a solid thesis statement about the film’s relevance to conflict communication. This introduction should be no more than one or two paragraphs.
  • The next paragraph should summarize a specific scene in the film and a theory, concept, or idea that either explains the conflict communication issues in the scene or potentially could resolve them. One paragraph of a scene summary and 2-3 paragraphs of analysis that follow are expected.
  • The above step should be repeated at least two more times but for a different scene but with the same theory, concept, or idea.

Requirements: 6 pages

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The dual-concern theory, which was developed by Jane Mouton and Robert Blake, can also be used in this situation. The theory advocates that the parties involved in a conflict or potentially conflicting situation should care for their individual outcomes as well as the outcomes of the other parties involved. This is exactly what Lucia McBath and Rev. Rob Schenck did when Lucia was grieving her lost son but also used the chance to ensure no other parent experiences the same problem in the future. The reverend stood by her to achieve her goal, which was also a sacrifice for him to make for the common good of others. However, the dual-concern model is commonly criticized for several issues such as cultural biasness, heavy reliance on self-report, and its inability to adequately account for a linear or ongoing approach to the relationship among the involved parties.

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Conflict communication