Food Scarcity in Developing Countries

As Hite and Seitz (2016) show in Chapter 3, “Food,” there is enough food produced and available to feed the entire world every day. However, for various reasons, millions still go hungry, making food security—having consistent access to adequate nutritional food—a persistent global social problem in both developing and developed countries.




1) Where do most of the world’s hungry live?

2) What are the major causes of hunger?

3)What are some potential consequences and benefits to using biotechnologies in developing countries?

4) From one of your previously selected developing country: What factors contribute to food insecurity in your selected country? Discuss at least two ways in which government or other forms of leadership are addressing food insecurity issues for that nation.

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The leading cause of hunger in the world and India in specific is Poverty. India has a considerable population, and most of these individuals live below the recommended poverty line or below a dollar a day. Statistics estimate that nearly 23.6 percent of the country’s population live below a dollar a day (Yadav, 2020). The country’s unemployment rate is relatively high; therefore, many citizens are unable to afford basic needs such as adequate food. A majority of the employed population also earn too little to guarantee them and their families food security. This makes Poverty the leading cause of hunger in the country (Saxena, 2018).

The other cause of hunger in the country is ineffective government policies to address the issue. Hunger has been a menace worldwide, and most governments are taking remedial actions to address the issue. In developed countries, the administrations have come up with strategies that have significantly minimized the rate of hunger amongst their population. However, in India, the government has been unable to formulate effective strategies that enhance adequate food production in the country, leading to a high rate of hunger (Yadav, 2020).

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Food Scarcity in Developing Countries