Formative and summative assessment

create two class activities. The activities can be for any grade level and for any content area. One activity must have a summative assessment example. The other activity must be a formative assessment. For each activity, write a detailed summary/description of the activity. Include the grade level, content area, and type of assessment. Include the rationale for using this type of assessment for the activity. Include the goals of the activity and what students should be able to master after successful completion of the activity.

Next, create a rubric to accompany each activity. Each rubric should have a minimum of three criteria associated with a numeric score. Each criterion must contain a detailed description. Write your own descriptions. DO NOT use a rubric wizard/ generator/ tool to create the rubric.

With each activity, submit a minimum 400-word summary of the activity. Additionally cite two scholarly sources in APA 7th ed.

Requirements: 1 page for class activities, 1 page per each rubic, and 1.5 page for summary of the activity. Total of 3.5 pages.

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Final essays are one of the tools for summative assessment where a student can be asked to provide an essay regarding a specific topic or unit learned in class after its completion. The reason for choosing a final essay is to holistically assess the student in terms of language, presentation of ideas, presentation of arguments, reasoning, and ability to present research. All these aspects other than what is learned in class are important in developing a holistic engineer who will be able to clearly communicate ideas, viewpoints,

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Formative and summative assessment