Offshore Drilling

Thoroughly read this feedback on the outline you did already. (Would suggest developing your topic sentences a bit more. While you do provide examples from the sources, it is mostly unclear from which source you are finding the information. Remember to use all of the sources listed on your WC page in the body of your essay.)

Revise your outline as needed.

Develop an effective 3-4 page Argument Research Essay on fracking using your revised outline.

Include a strong introduction for your essay as well as a strong conclusion.

Make sure your essay is in MLA format and uses proper in-text citations.

Include proper source citations listed in a separate Works Cited after the 3-4 pages of text.

Attached is the outline you did 3 sources are the screenshots I had to send you last tim. You can ref back to the initial question

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First, fracking is more environment-friendly than drilling. This process does not involve digging big tunnels, as in the case of offshore drilling.  Fracking receives negative comments from a different group of people is that it presents deadly environmental consequences.  Some of the purported impacts of fracking include emission of the greenhouse gases, the use of dangerous chemicals that are hidden from the public, pollution of underground water, wastewater is unregulated and dangerous, and it causes earthquakes.  Nonetheless, it releases less quantity of Carbon IV Oxide into the atmosphere, which one of the major causes of changes in the global climate.  Nicholas highlights that fracking produces less quality of carbon IV Oxide (6).  Instead, it has lowered air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions by replacing coal use through electricity generation. In the United States, shale gas is used in generating 24 percent of US electricity.

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Offshore Drilling