1. Using an example from the text or from your own life, explain what reflected appraisals are, and three ways that they can be distorted.
      2. Stereotype threat and self-fulfilling prophecies are two distinct processes related to social perception and cognition. Define and give an example for each concept.
      3. Early research on gender and communication identified several differences between how men and women speak, and investigators suggested these differences were due to the difference in power between men and women. Identify and define three of these differences and explain how more recent research might explain these findings.
      4. Research suggests that violence on TV or in other media can directly increase aggression through five processes. Name and briefly define three of these processes. In comparison, the relationship between violent videogames and aggression is indirect. Describe one of the indirect ways in which violent video games may lead to aggression.
      5. What are three factors that influence group conformity? Provide an example of each.

You must complete each activity by the due date (see the course outline). You must answer each activity question fully using your textbook and powerpoints as a reference. The activity must be uploaded in the appropriate link by the due date. Each question must be fully explored and answered (500 words minimum per question). That is, each question should be 500 words or more.

  • The final Activity paper MUST be complete by the due date.
  • Each question MUST be 500 words or more. NO EXCEPTIONS! That is, each question should be 500 words or more. With a total of 2500 word or more.
  • Failure to write 500 words or more per question will result in a 10-point grade reduction per question not answered correctly. See the course outline for the due dates.


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Under symbolic interaction, individuals partly describe themselves by internalized interpretations of other people’s values, known as reflectional self-assessments (Sims, 2016). The authentic and/or sensed opinions of others may make a significant contribution to people’s views. Some studies have shown that mirrored self-assessments are essential in building the self-concept. During internalization, a reflection of self-assessments was hypothesized to develop into direct self-assessments. In certain areas, the method of self-assessments is justified.

A variety of variables can affect the extent to which this mirrored evaluation can influence an individual’s evaluation. The opinions given by those considered extremely trustworthy appear to influence people more. Evaluations may play a role in how the procedure from several sources controls the participant. The number of these assessments would probably have a more significant influence and would have a greater effect on your self-conception if you receive compliments from many (Sims, 2016). Family can also play a part in how mirrored

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