Homophobia and Sports

Please submit your topic selection from the list provided in the Sociological Issues in Sport Presentation assignment details. Also, give a brief (250-word max) summation on what you would like to explore specifically. Lastly, include one resource that you will use to help in starting your project. This resource does not need to be a scholarly source.

Sociology of Sport Topic List

Gender and Sexuality

Leadership and Coaching

Understanding Title IX, Why is this A Social Issue

High School Sports and Social Relationships/Hazing Culture

Violence in Sports

Masculinity and Sport, Tough Guise

Racial Stereotypes and Sport Competence

Sports Media

Homophobia and Sports

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In the future, I would like to focus on the prevalence of Homophobia bullying instances in colleges, its impacts on the people perceiving themselves as either gays, lesbians, or bisexuals, and how this problem can be addressed. The paper will discuss how sports body policies and codes have contributed to stereotypes of homosexuals (Georgiou, Patsantaras, & Kamberidou,2018). The athletic bodies’ sports codes are highly orthodox and stereotypical of masculinity or femininity. This paper will evaluate different approaches that can be applied to address this problem, the natural equality in a college of high school sports activities.

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Homophobia and Sports