Macro environmental

. What are the key decisions that have to be made at GGH and why?

2. What are the macro environmental and internal factors that Williams must take in to consideration and why?

3. Who do you think are her key stakeholders and which, if any, should she pay the most attention?

Requirements: Thoroughly answer the 3 questions (3 short paragraphs)

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While doing so, an internal factor the director should consider is ensuring the employees get trained on using the invested technologies in the hospital. Generally, these measures are essential because they help the management and employees to optimize service delivery with the appropriate skills, knowledge, and up-to-date tools.

Based on the issues addressed in the case study, the key stakeholders that Williams should seriously pay attention to are the employees and patients. Employees determine the success of an organization; however, without the motivation, they cannot deliver (Burke & Noumair, 2015). As a result, this affects patient safety due to the delivery of substandard

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Macro environment