Benefits of ‘CPOE’ System in the Healthcare Sector

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Review the course for issues of interest to you that are related to informatics/eHealth and nursing. You are encouraged to explore these issues beyond the course in both traditional and non-traditional news sources, social media, websites, blogs and more.

MY topic is CPOE (Computer provider order entry) and how it is benefit in healthcare.

Please use 7th edition APA format fro reference.

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Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) have proved to be beneficial in the healthcare sector because of various reasons. Computer Provider/Physician Order Entry also referred to as the CPOE, is an ordering system used for making full range medication orders in the healthcare sector. CPOE has established numerous benefits in the healthcare sector, especially to physicians or healthcare providers. Despite technological glitches that are preventable, CPOE has maintained its outstanding momentum in effecting quality healthcare. Also, as an EHR technique, CPOE has ethical concerns which are still manageable and preventable. For that reason, this paper brief will discuss the benefits of CPOE in the healthcare sector, implying how to handle potential issues affecting this technique(652 words)