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Directions : him Analyze one of the following readings. In addition to the Summary/Analysis essay you are also required to develop a brief PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following tasks: Do not put too much information on each slide.

  1. Offer a brief summary of the article.
  2. What is significant about this article? Why is it important? What is the major thrust or theme of the article?
  3. Identify the thesis statement and where if first appears. Present three facts, details, or examples to support you claim
  4. Develop a question for the audience
  5. Describe the type of writing, genre, etc…also identify the use of literary devices and their effects.
  6. Choose and present two direct quotes that represent the most powerful language in the passage and explain why. Present these quotes on PowerPoint slides. The quote should be about two-three sentences in length. Provide a visual aid the best captures the essence of the excerpt.


Requirements: 6 to 8 slides

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Central tendency refers to a typical or central value in a data distribution. Its measures include the mean, mode, and median. Mean refers to the average or the most common value within a dataset. It is calculated by obtaining the sum of all numerical data and dividing the sum by the number of values. Mean can be used to analyze public health data because it reflects a typical value in a large set of data. For example, public health data may contain people’s BMI counts. However, it is hard to memorize all the BMI values of the participants. That is why the mean is used to find an average value that serves as a typical value when obtaining people’s BMI counts. Median refers to the value in the middle of a large data set. It gives a more accurate average value, especially when the distribution of the data set is skewed.

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Health and Medical