Behavioral change theory

In this written assignment, you will critique and reflect on a behavioral change theory.

Step 1 Research a behavioral change theory of your choice. Attempt to focus on articles that both define the theory and demonstrate the use of the theory.

Step 2 In a 2-3 page paper answer the following prompts:

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The SCT theory is useful in the population or public health domain to advance positive behavioral changes in age groups and populations to promote health improvement. Nevertheless, the theory has several limitations that derail its implementation in the enhancement of health promotion. First of all, the theory fails to account for the influence of emotions in creating behavioral changes. Moreover, the theory also does assume that the mere interaction of personal and environmental changes always culminate in behavioral health changes, which is not always true. Besides, the SCT theory is loosely organized as it is merely based on the dynamic intersection between the individual, behavior, and environment. There is no evidence on the exact extent to which all these aspects influence personal behavior, especially when one is more influential than others (Rottger et al. 2016).

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Behavioral change theory