Goals to Improve Health Behavior

Stage 1 – At the start of this semester, you completed the Health Risk Assessment and the Goal Assignment sheet. At that time you wrote a goal for a health related behavior you wanted to improve over the course of the semester. You were to have tracked your progress in reaching this goal, writing out the goal and the action steps you were taking, and using a notebook or log to record changes and progress, or lack thereof.

Stage 2 – Now, at the end of the semester, you will write a 3-4 page paper that outlines your efforts at making this behavior change. Normal MLA style formatting, including in text citations. Discussion points for your writing include:

  • Reason for selecting the goal you chose.
  • Write out the actual goal as you first set it out.
  • How often did you assess your progress?
  • What action steps did you use to try and reach your goal?
  • Summary of your progress – be specific here, use numbers. Did you or did you not achieve your goal? Was your progress consistent?
  • Factors that helped you reach your goal or that hindered you in achieving it.
  • Specific examples of how other people who knew about your goal impacted your attempt at behavior change
  • Future implications – how will this impact you now that class is ending? Will you continue to work on this goal or move on to something new?

Formatting for your paper includes:

  • Cover page with Title, Your name, Instructor Name, Course Title, and Date
  • One inch margins at side and bottom of page
  • No font larger than a “12”, regardless of font style
  • Double spaced

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The third step was to look for possible challenges that might affect my plan to achieve my goals and come up with possible solutions if these challenges occur. The fourth step was to assess my nutritional goals every week and the exercise goals each month to check on my progress and improve on my weak areas (Matt, 2020). The last step was to reward me each week by eating a meal including an animal product since that was the only way I would keep my nutrition goal for my love for meat was futile. On the occasion that I did hit my weekly goal, I had to miss this meal, but rarely did I miss achieving my set target.

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Goals to Improve Health Behavior