Child Health Case

This week you will be working on assessment tools and diagnostic tests as well as health risk concerns

Child Health Case:

Case #1

You are allowed to make up information regarding the details of the case, medications, vital signs and development of the suggested case.

Requirements: 3-4 pages


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The additional information needed to assess the patient’s weight-related condition further includes biological factors. Tests would be conducted to examine the functionality of the hypothalamus, which is responsible for regulating appetite. Hormone levels in the body such as neuropeptide Y should be assessed since it stimulates hunger. Also, examining changes in the gut microbiome is vital to determine possible imbalances that increase the production of fatty acids. Another additional information that is crucial to assess factors relating to overweight in children is genetic data. Genetic variations play a role in influencing metabolic processes in the body that regulate appetite centers (Rohde et al., 2019). Further, genetic imbalance affects insulin resistance and ectopic fat deposition, which are some of the common triggers for obesity among children.

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Child Health Case