Pick one women’s health screening guideline, such as mammogram, Pap smear, bone mineral density scan, or colonoscopy, and outline the current screening recommendations for age and frequency. Discuss any reasons for potential deviations from routine screening frequency.

About 1 page long.

At least 3 references, no more than 5 years old

Requirements: 1 page

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Regarding the various reasons for potential deviations from routine screening frequency, women believe that they can’t continue with the examination since the appointment determined in the letter is not appropriate and arranging for another appointment would be too complicated. Some women feel so occupied and would only participate in the screening if appointments were available apart from their working hours. Some women are afraid, and this enables them to stay away from screenings. Women of age 50 and above feel a greater sense of shyness as compared to the young. Some women have trust issues and would not trust the assistants helping them (Pakai, 2016).

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