Health promotion and disease prevention in older adults

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  • Meiner, S.E., Yeager, J.J. (2019)
  • chapter 5,6,7,8

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As nurses go about their elderly caring roles, they must familiarize themselves with essential end-of-life documents for effective healthcare delivery. This information helps the nurse educate the elderly and their family members on what they should consider for their care. One of these documents is the Lasting Power of the Attorney (LPA) which informs the appointed individual (s) who make healthcare decisions for the older adult (Meiner & Yeager, 2019). The other document entails the financial and legal plans, which inform the resources available for facilitating the long-term care costs. The third essential document is the end-of-life will, which informs the older adult’s wishes, including the kind of medical treatments they would like and long-term care living arrangements. In addition, the document also provides crucial information the elderly would like their loved ones to know.

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Health promotion and disease prevention in older adults