Diabetes education


During diabetes education, Fatima indicates she is Muslim and that for Ramadan she fasts from sunrise to sundown.

1. Using Leininger’s Sunrise Model, analyze the dietary significance of fasting.

2. Discuss the possible nursing interventions to accommodate Fatima’s religious practice.

3. How might Fatima respond if she was told that she couldn’t fast?

You must cite or quote at least two evidence-based references (besides the class textbook) no older than 5 years old.

A minimum of 600 words excluding the first and references page is required.


APA 7th edition

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Nursing Interventions to Accommodate Fatima’s Religious Practice

Fatima’s religious practice is acceptable, even though the patient has diabetes. Therefore, the nurse should support the patient’s belief through the following interventions. First, the nurse should measure glucose level in the patient’s blood throughout the fasting period. This intervention would help the nurse to identify other complications, such as hypoglycemia, in time. Secondly, before the fasting begins at sunset, the patient should be advised to eat food rich in complex carbohydrates. This kind of food has a low glycemic index, which reduces glucose levels in the blood while fasting (Almalki & Alshahrani, 2016). Third, the patient should take enough fluids after the sun is down to avoid dehydration, which might cause health complications.

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Diabetes education