Safety and Quality Improvement in Professional Nursing Practice

Read Chapter 8: Safety and Quality Improvement in Professional Nursing Practice

Question: How do best practices contribute to quality and safety?

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First, professional nurses work tirelessly to avoid medical errors. Medical errors contribute to numerous patients’ complications and even death. Professional nurses have derived several measures that ensure incidences of medical errors are non-existent in healthcare provision (Masters, 2018). Some of the measures include the adoption of technology in healthcare provision and safe administration of medicines. Professional nurses use technology to correctly identify their patients, liaise with other medical staff, and access electronic health records. Identifying patients correctly reduces the chances of applying the wrong medication to the wrong patient, thus reducing safety issues (Masters, 2018). Electronic health records offer easily accessible patients’ health history crucial in establishing the required interventions to the present patient’s condition (Masters, 2018). Medical safety entails labeling all the medicines correctly, taking extra precautions when administering the drug to ensure the right dosage and correct form of drug administration, and recommending only the most appropriate and approved medicines.

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Safety and Quality Improvement in Professional Nursing Practice