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Explain how recognition of racism, power imbalances, entrenched majority culture biases, and the need for self-reflexivity can impact the treatment that a patient receives in a health care organization. Discuss whether specific programs to address these issues should be developed or if programs should attempt to treat all entities as if these differences did not exist. Provide a supporting reference for your response.

Health Organizations: Theory, Behavior, and Development

Johnson, J. A., & Rossow, C. C. (2019). Health organizations: Theory, behavior, and development (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning. ISBN-13: 9781284109825

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patients receive patient-centered care that meets their unique needs (Johnson and Rossow, 2019). In order to engage in self-reflection, one needs to be willing to admit that they may have flaws that impact their perceptions of given groups. This way, the provider can work on gaining more information, ensuring that they can effectively interact with patients from different backgrounds. In order to address these issues, specific programs should be developed, which may include training and educational programs on cultural awareness. The issues mustn’t be treated as if they do not exist. If treated this way, it would cause further development if the issues impact the provision of care and cause further disparities in healthcare.

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Health care organization