Prevention and health promotion

Identify a cardiac or respiratory issue and outline the key steps necessary to include for prevention and health promotion

Requirements: 200-250 words

Hi, thank you for your help, I need in text citations with at leas 2 resources no more than 5 years old. I attached the APA 7th edition guidelines since needs to be from the 7th edition and not 6, thank you.

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One of the steps is educating the patient on the stages and early symptoms of high blood pressure. It will encourage the patient to know their hypertension levels and follow guidelines for modifying high blood pressure risk. Steps such as daily exercises, reducing dietary sodium, minimizing alcohol consumption, and avoiding cigarette smoking should be commended (Cifu and Davis, 2017). The patient should educate themselves on the nutritional recommendations for Americans and the specified amount. The appropriate variety of vegetables for individuals with hypertension risk factors should be identified, and reduced dairy products in meals. Lean proteins should be recommended, such as poultry, nuts, and seafood.

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Prevention and health promotion