Depiction of True Slavery Accounts

Each of the movies listed below presents a historical event/person relating to enslavement during the Antebellum period. This assignment asks you to consider the ways one of these movies modify historical events to fit Hollywood’s dramatic standards. You also need to know what is accurate and what is not accurate in the movie. Read about slavery in your textbook, and find at least two additional relevant scholarly sources. Make sure your additional sources are specific to the aspect of slavery presented in the movie.

Then write an essay analyzing the differences between history and the movie. Make sure to answer the following questions:

1) In what ways did the movie get the Hollywood treatment? What was changed? What was left out? Use specifics – scenes, characters, events.

2) What was the impact of those changes? In what ways is the movie better or worse for them? How does it impact the audience and the audience’s understanding of the topic?

NUTS AND BOLTS: Write at least 1000 words (roughly 4 pages, double spaced). Use at least two scholarly sources (Links to an external site.). One can be a textbook. (Remember to cite your sources – including the movie – using a standard format such as MLA)

Requirements: 1000   |   .doc file

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Twelve years a slave is a Hollywood adaptation of the memoir on Solomon Northup’s experience as a slave in the South (McQueen, 2013). It commences with Solomon Northup being a free man in the North with impeccable carpentry and violin-playing skills. Two Caucasian businessmen approach him with a short-term job proposal and promise to pay him handsomely if he chose to with them to Washington. Northup finds the business terms irresistible and obliges to the two men’s request. However, this move turns out to be naïve as these individuals drug him, chain him up, and sell him to a slave pen, where he is subsequently sold to different slave owners during his twelve years in slavery (Kelley, 2019). Northup’s moment of salvation came when he managed to sneak a letter to his family and has a white friend write to the New York government seeking help to free Northup.

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Depiction of True Slavery Accounts