Complementary and Alternative Medications

Discuss the safety and effectiveness of alternative and complementary medicine for the treatment of specific

illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. Share your opinions about holistic and allopathic care.

Would have any conflicts or concerns supporting a patient who chooses holistic or allopathic medicine?


Post your discussion to the Moodle Discussion Forum. Word limit 500 words. Support your answers with the literature and provide citations and references in APA format.

Requirements: 500

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When patients consider using ineffective or harmful treatments, the physician’s responsibility is to educate the patient about their condition and availed standard procedures. Here physicians can also discuss the treatment options with the patient to select the safe and most effective one.  Besides, an open exchange of ideas can assist the physicians and patients in sorting out different reputable alternatives from unrealistic ones (Wider, 2019). Additionally, Open conversations allow patients to explore the reasons behind the selection of conventional treatments. Once the patients’ concerns are well known, then the physician can allay the fears through education on the advances in proper symptom management. Finally, patients can understand how other severe symptoms will be managed.

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Complementary and Alternative Medications